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We take a look at Boston University’s South Campus, which borders both brookline residents as well as the fenway park activities. There is a bustle about the area that exists day and night, especially on weekends and days that the Red Sox play. Biking and walking are the most popular way to get around, as parking cars in this area is not the easiest thing to do (see picture 6 of woman saving lone parking spot)_DSC0122_DSC0109Jake tessler waits for a friend on a Beacon Street stoop by Will Goff. 6/28/17BU Student grabs a hubway on Park Street to head downtown by Will Goff. 6/26/17_DSC0205_DSC0117Scott Fairchild directs parking at Fenway by Will Goff. 6/28/17_DSC0221_DSC0241A women tries to catch the B line back home after work by Will Goff. 6/28/17